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Our research team discovered a unique silicon-bearing material with a PH of 14, the extreme alkaline side of the PH spectrum. Upon further study of this substance we noticed it had miraculous healing properties.  We call this material HydroSil. HydroSil is a paticularly precious substance due to it's abbundance of ORMES and bio available silica are platinum group metals in a high spin state. You can read more about these special qualities here.

The Magic of Hermes Philosophy is your key to happy healthy mouth, body, mind and spirit.

We are in the process of extending our product line using this exceptional material.

Plans are for:

See more information at “In Development

There are also several industrial uses for our related product “HydroGel”, similar to HydroSil, but treated with different temperatures creating a high viscosity gel.

The unusually high electrical ‘dielectric constant’ of 115,000 also makes it suitable for:

Environmentally friendly and of the highest quality with a wide and diverse range of applications.

We have carefully selected other products, for example, a range of highest quality Chinese tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms and alchemical tinctures that we have been using in our training programs at the Academy Healing Nutrition for many years

We welcome you to explore our products, beginning with our just released Mouthwash and Toothpaste.

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As Director of a long established health education curriculum known as The Academy Healing Nutrition (Est. 30 years), I’m excited to be associated with these products which will improve your health and natural immunity.  HydroSil ORMES science and applications will continue expanding and we are pleased to be on the cutting edge of this development.

Roger Green